Reference Material

Series A Refs

Treatise on UML Use Case Diagramming
An extremely handy and easy-to-follow description of UML Use Case digramming.

General Refs

Load Balance Readings into Excel
A simple example of how to load balance data into an Excel Spreadsheet. At a grass-roots level this is how DIY LIMS information has been communicated between parties all of these years.
Plant UML: Make UML diagrams with Java and GraphViz
Draw UML diagrams with Java and Graphviz
Extreme Personal Programming
A paper describing an Agile process for single, autonomous developer that claims to result in fewer coding errors and more stable code.
A Review Paper on Decision Table Based Testing
A college-level paper describing a decision-table based software testing methodology.
A Perl toolkit for LIMS development.
This article describes a Perl toolkit for LIMS development.
Transforming Microbial Genotyping: A Robotic Pipeline for Genotyping Bacterial Strains
Demonstrates how much work small teams have to perform to manage their data. In this example various Python scripts were developed to manage the data.
ASTM E1578-13
ASTM E1578-13 is the current standard guide for laboratory informatics (including but not limited to Laboratory Information Management Systems).
Options Analysis for Reengineering (OAR) Process
OAR is a method for mining legacy assets.
Software Systems Research Themes @ Bournemouth Univ.
One university's approach toward software systems research.