The LIMS You Deserve

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Get the Government You Deserve

The belief that individuals do not get what they deserve is borne out of some idea that misfortune is a beast that steals opportunity, quality, and other generally advantageous things from you and your offerings in the middle of the night. It is a lie. When you do not read up on the latest techniques in your profession, practice them, and incorporate them into your daily life your skills will appear stale. When you lie to customers repeatedly sooner or later they are going to start talking to one another about you and your business will start to falter. Today things might look fine but tomorrow it all catches up to you.

Some businesses believe that they can scare their customers into keeping their bad behavior out of the press. They fail to understand that no amount of cajoling can force a good recommendation out of an unsatisfied and undeserved customer. When consumers look to their peers for recommendations -- the ones that they actually know have used/benefited from such product/service -- these bad sellers will fall flat. The funny thing is that one need not speak ill of a company in order to warn off their compatriots. When asked if they enjoyed using Product X from Company Y they answer that they think one might be better served using Product Z from Company Z and leave it at that.

So the old saying goes that a country gets the government it deserves. In the LIMS marketplace when a customer does not want to study these systems, fails to become acquainted with their operation, their history, the numerous failures that have occurred in the past -- when they refuse to consult with independent resources, attend conferences, and pay careful attention to failures -- they seal their own fate just like the fellow that ignores his refresher studies. You see, you get the LIMS you deserve.

Make-Believe Institutions

There are those that desire a shortcut to all of the research and so rely upon organizations that cook up specifications, idealized product descriptions, and the like in order to 'help' you make your decision. It is a bit like abusing Cliffs Notes to avoid doing one's own homework. And when you refuse to do your own homework and you find/buy answers online don't you deserve to be scolded by your teacher and/or get suspended? In a free economy losing money is the best teacher business could ever have. It is sad that sometimes a company has to fail because their products could not reach market frequently enough; they lose key accounts because of numerous failures in the LIMS or sheer inability to keep up with the competition; and that their system was so bad that they cumulatively spend 50-70% more time teaching new hires than one with a sensible and well-thought-out user interface. An organization that recommends systems will accept no responsibility for these failures and, as such, you cannot put all of your stock in them.


Ask for referrals from people you know and that care whether you succeed or fail. Place no trust in organizations, large or small, for anything other than source material for your research. In your academic lives you wouldn't try to pawn off a paper with only one or two resources on it -- why would you do such a thing in your professional career when it comes to something as important as the LIMS? Your education was not just some compulsory game of hopscotch needed to participate in your field. It provided you with critical skills needed to think and assess the pros/cons of following a particular course of action. Use that.

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