Who's the Bunny?

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So you've hired a service vendor to deal with your LIMS initiative (upgrade, etc.) and things are just not working out. There's a provision or clause in your agreement that says that you can request additional personnel to help get over the hump. But what exactly does that mean? Who is going to pay the additional individuals and who will they report to?

If you are thinking that the answer to these questions does not matter then you are likely to eventually be duped by a very old service trick. It goes something like this:

The end result of all of this is you,

How to Avoid This

Avoiding this one is really simple. You might have some kind of agreement that you cannot get out of, but you can insist that the contract resource report directly to one of your employees and not the vendor. Second, ensure that this resource gets paid in a way that has nothing to do with the success or failure of the project. You want that person's honest opinion and expertise, not tempered responses that are couched by the belief that admitting the truth will result in nonpayment.


Mad Max in Beyond the Thunderdome asks "Who's the bunny?" after being given Auntie's nefarious terms. Poor Max doesn't realize that one bunny will easily suffice for another in a place like that and he is on a path of sacrificing his integrity for material gain. No matter what he does the outcome will not be good. When you let a vendor with a poor track record pay and manage those additional resources you put them in a similar position.

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