Editor's Note: Bread and Truth

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College was expensive and at one point I had to take a break and join the workforce. Low on marketable skills I took a job at a grocery store in Chicago doing everything from bagging groceries to doing delivery runs. It was hard but honest work.

One day a delivery customer ordered Italian bread -- a fresh-baked Chicago favorite that for some crazy reason always comes in these packages that do not cover the entire loaf. They leave a huge chunk on the end exposed to the elements, kind of like some invitation to tear it off and have a bite. Of course, this odd packaging invites problems.

So here I am bouncing along a Chicago sidewalk with a trolley cart full of groceries until I hit an unexpected bump. In an instant the Italian bread is rolling away on the pavement not two minutes away from the store. At this point I had a choice to make: pick it up and pretend that nothing happened or return to that store and face the wrath of my boss. I sucked it up, picked up the now defunct bread, and started on my way back. Just as I started on my sojourn of truth I noticed one of the store managers walking right up the street behind me. She had seen the whole thing. As she passed she said, 'you're doing the right thing.' Later on that day she sang the praises of my honesty to all who would listen.

Why am I writing about this, you ask? Money is less important than the lives and safety of the people we serve. When people like Brian Williams get caught lying we all lose a little something and it takes lots of hard work to rebuild what gets lost. Whatever the right thing is, do it now. Your integrity is something that can take a lifetime to build but can be lost in an instant. Even if no one ever sees it -- you'll know that you did it right.

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