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Beware of Easy/Insular Decisions

Sometimes writing a blog, etc. is great, but writing articles for magazines and periodicals can really boost your business. Don't just settle for the 'low hanging fruit.' Find out what your prospects are reading/viewing and see if you can get your material into those channels.

Make Everything Consistent

Your SOPs should hold your vision/values, operating principles, and some of the actual SOPs you'll need, particularly for marketing.

You have to start screening things before you put them out there, particularly to 'green light' them if they reflect your vision/values and do not run afoul of your operating principles. When that is not the case you should hold off on that post, talk, etc. until you can reconcile the discrepancy. It may just be a tweak here and there that is required.

For example, if your marketing goals say that you are going to increase brand awareness then you'll need to spend time making your marketing message short, to the point, and (most importantly) effective. Someone on your team may think that the right way to go forward is to talk a lot more about Open Source or to participate in a Linux conference, but these may not be the correct venues for increasing brand awareness in the laboratory informatics space.

Educating the Market

Most business advice will tell you to avoid educating the market, but what if you simply have no choice? Then your next goal should be to learn from somebody that has done it successfully. Gabrielle Dolan is one such person. She brought her two-person consultancy from zero to over a million dollars a year in revenues in a short period and currently has a book out (available on Amazon for digital download).

What does Gabrielle do? Believe it or not she teaches companies how to tell stories. The title of her book says it all: "Hooked: How leaders connect, engage, and inspire with storytelling." If nothing else Gabrielle's example can show you the sheer power of tapping into a ripe horizontal market with a novel and provably effective concept. If she can do it so can you.

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