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Lots of projects struggle with producing meaningful and useful documentation. Automatic generation thus far appears to be most helpful in producing developer documentation. Examples include JavaDocs that allow for automatic documentation from comments embedded in source code files. Microsoft included much the same thing for .NET. Perl has pretty much always had POD. The list goes on.

High-Level Docs

LIMS projects however need higher level documentation that is geared toward power and end users. These typically come from professionals and teams that might be trying to solve (industry) specific problems. As such the utility of this documentation for others is going to be somewhat limited.

What Can HelpDocumentation Needs Focus

Good documentation is part of a LIMS evaluation. If it is missing, inconsistent, or irrelevant you'll lose points.

When LibreOffice first started out they created a documentation project and have continued to request assistance with documentation. It is a good idea to follow this example.

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