Subtle Bullying

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You might be wondering where this post is coming from. Well, I'll tell you. A funny thing happened at the embedded Starbucks at Target. There I was playing with my tablet surfing the web when I hear a fellow walk over to the nearby store security person and ask if the store monitoring system records audio. It was one of those conversations I was too close not to hear.

The man, in his twenties with wife and child in tow, wanted to know if the store security camera caught an individual in line behind him that was bullying him (in line at a Starbucks of all places... at those prices any designed area they control should be a safe zone from anything stressful). The store security person was kind and offered to check but seemed fairly certain that it only caught video.

The young man went on to explain that the person in line doing the bullying was not a complete stranger but was in fact a new neighbor that had just purchased the property next to his. Now every day when he sees him at local stores or elsewhere he continues on with his campaign of harassment. The young fellow was looking for evidence to give to the police.

Now, here's the weird part. Although I was sitting there enthralled by electronic devices I wasn't using headphones. And since this isn't a 'real' Starbucks but actually an in-store Starbucks they weren't playing that kitchy music that you always hear either. That means I should have heard this bullying but I didn't. In fact, before that fellow sought out the assistance of the friendly store security guard I had no idea anything of an unkind nature was transpiring whatsoever.

So here's the point of the story and what I advised my young teenage son who was with me at the time to do when confronted with somesuch nonsense. When you are getting bullied by someone (or some group), raise 'a stink.' Make a noise. Say, 'get the friggin' hell away from me and my family you odd ball creep or I'm gonna call a cop!' When you stay silent you play their game.

Here's how this is relevant for LIMS and DIY LIMS in particular. Be advised that anything you do that is new is going to meet resistance. You might start a DIY LIMS project and then run into a vendor's salesperson whose mission in life is to sell you a system. There are generally two methods they can employ. On the one hand they can simply tell you and your organization that they think your initiative is flawed and offer good reasons why. If you are not interested they may try a few more times and then leave you perhaps with a few unkind words in parting. Then there are those who simply cannot satisfy themselves with that. They would rather use subtle techniques to undermine you, your self confidence, etc. in order to gain advantage. These are the silent bullyers.

Now, the modus operandi of the silent bullyer is to dress up threats as other types of statements. They're trying to drum up a general state of fear and uncertainty so that you'll be paralyzed to act.When you notice this happening you need to start telling the world. I don't think anybody checks Yelp for LIMS vendors, but there are other online places to complain. Don't be bullied in silence. Speak up.

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