Whatever happened to NativLIMS?

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Let me explain something briefly: a project that never launched is not necessarily a failure. Before you write code you should spend time thinking it over and assessing whether this is the right direction to go in. A while back I started writing ParadigmIMS --a sort of Pascal (Pascal was a language designed for teaching programming) for LIMS based on Java. After a while of slogging through Java though I realized that the entire language was incredibly verbose and impractical for the task. Sometimes you need to build a prototype and run it through its paces before delving too deeply into the fray. If you identify the bad projects early on you can save lots of time and money.

Regarding NativLIMS: I was in love with the idea of converting a Wiki into a LIMS. Everything seemed to be present -- an application engine with the API; a place to store structured and unstructured data; etc. I investigated several Wiki toolsets and came to the final conclusion that a so-called structured Wiki might be a very good interface to a LIMS, a bit like an ELN can be an interface to a LIMS, but not a stand-alone LIMS.

Trying to convert a Wiki to a LIMS proved to be too difficult a proposition because so much of the core code of the Wiki would have to be altered to satisfy the basic needs of a LIMS. Consider something as elementary as automatically changing the status of a sample when all results have been entered/computed. This required massive hacking into the core code to ensure that this always occurred. The more the core code deviates from the standard release the harder it is to upgrade. So essentially it is better to use toolsets that are geared for the basic work of a LIMS rather than trying to refactor generalist tools. The Virtual Institute for Microbial Stress and Survival is doing something like this with their WIST LIMS toolkit. I don't advocate using WIST but I think this is a valiant effort.

At some point I'll return to building a Wiki interface to a LIMS but for now this is dormant.

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