New ASTM LIMS Standard Underway

(Ref Id: 1336742073)

The ASTM E1578 guide is being revised and, for now, I am on the standards committee.

Back in February I wanted to totally concentrate on building LIMS functionality and writing about my ideas on how that functionality could be written. Ok, essentially it was me walking away from a lot of discussion about LIMS and going full-on DIY (do it yourself for those unfamiliar with lingual-Americanisms).

Then the opportunity be on the ASTM committee arrived. I drafted a simple e-mail requesting be in the group half expecting to be ignored. After all, professionally I come from the technical world -- BS degree in IT and lots of experience in consulting in LIMS but no real laboratory background to speak of. I figured I would never get in but could not hurt to try. Well, it turned out to be the opposite. With virtually no questions asked I was invited to join. We've had two meetings thus far and are about to break into working groups next week.

I'm not going to drag on and on here about the committee, the standards process, etc. all in one post. Instead I'll post more frequently about it.

As for LabTools I'll post more about that later as well.

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