The Only Constant is Change

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This website has changed and since your browser has most likely cached the previous content and home page you should delete your browser's cache.

You should probably do this anyway since there are many unscrupulous companies using tracking cookies to cross-sell you things as you visit various sites around the web.

I would re-explain why this is necessary but there is a fairly good explanation on the new homepage that you can read at your leisure.

Here is a brief history of LabTools: the concept originally came to me while writing this weblog many years back. I wanted to publish some Javascript-based tools to exemplify LIMS functionality but the browser technology back then was simply too poor. Oddly enough the browser market has risen to the occasion and produced almost exactly what I was originally looking for in the form of HTML5 which has built-in web browser caching and graphics canvases. This is a veritable dream-come-true for someone like me. That coupled with what I perceive to be a lukewarm interest in open source LIMS tools leads me to conclude that my time is better spent building actual tools people can use.

But LabTools still didn't just appear. Since browser technology was not what I wanted I went the other direction and built a web-based infrastructure using mainly server-side technology. I demoed it to a few colleagues I got the surprising response, 'hey...where is all the Web 2.0 stuff?' Turns out that users really want snazzy browser utilities and client-side processing, so I shelved the tool. Today I'm just completing the cycle of merging HTML5 utilities with that back-end infrastructure and putting it all to good use.

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