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The dual purpose of this paradigmLIMS system is both to develop a working piece of software and to teach LIMS proper system development. Currently we have a small-to-medium sized application (the so-called 'prototype' freeLIMS) that is inadequate for use in this capacity. So, some code needs to be developed along with some kind of build system that will allow developers to follow along with any online discussions. Don't worry, everything will be documented later on.

First, I'm using a standard Makefile (development is being mainly done on a Windows machine but acceptance build/testing will, of course, have to be performed on a Linux box) and running NMAKE with the javac -xstdout instruction that puts the standard output into a file called paradigmLIMS.buildnotes. See the Makefile in the /bin directory for the actual javac instruction. If the build fails you will see a note in this file (or at least you should). Makefiles are being used here for simplicity's sake. In the future other build techniques/tools will be reviewed and employed if necessary.

Next, I'm refactoring some of the old standard code for several reasons:

Finally, I also broke the file structure of paradigmLIMS down into the following:

The /bin directory will contain standard utilities to use with the application. The /lib directory should contain actual class files. The /src, or source, directory should contain source .java files. CRCs contain LaTex source files for the Class Responsibility Collaboration cards that are useful for our discussion of this system. A Makefile for CRCs is forthcoming but not a very high priority. The USE_CASES directory should contain some LaTex files for Use Cases of some standard format.

If much or all of this stuff seems confusing to you have no fear -- subsequent posts will explain what these terms and tool references mean.

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