How to Use the Current Task List

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If you scan down the Current Task List the most current working item is the first one that does not contain '(complete') at the beginning. At the time of this writing this project is at the 'Preliminary effort and schedule targets created and reviewed' segment before the 'Project launch/feasibility study complete' milestone.

Yes, this means the project is not in the coding phase. I gave my original reviewers plenty of time to read and understand the Project Vision and Business Case (see Docs section of this site) before moving on. This was a necessary precursor to the eventual 'go and no go' decision that will be made at step 31, the 'Planning Checkpoint Review' where a more formal go/no go decision will be made.

The Current task list consists of every milestone in the project (see the items in bold that start with the keyword 'Milestone'). The milestones indicate at what percentage the project can be considered complete. For instance, the project is somewhere between 10-20 percent complete when the software architecture is documented (that is, the milestone has been reached) after the previous, or lower numbered, items have been finished like the 'Staged Delivery Plan' and 'Software test cases for Stage 1 created' items.

One Business Case reviewer commented that perhaps the best approach for the project would be to just start writing code. This is exactly the opposite of how this type of project should be run for several reasons, including:

At this point the project is still in 'pre-work' and there are twenty three items in this segment. Many of these items involve documentation so as these items are complete the document section of the site will grow accordingly.

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