Well, the Cat's Out of This Bag

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In January of 2010 I finished writing a simple yet interesting Business Case (see the Docs link above) and distributed it mainly to laboratory information management systems professionals around the world. It proposed building a new open LIMS standard, a base LIMS system if you will, that could be added to by virtually anyone with the knowledge and expertise.

At the time my findings were mainly based on individual and industry experience. Later on I began seeking actual data to support my claims that smaller laboratories were doing without a decent, working LIMS because they either could not afford one or their options were severely limited to highly commercialized (and thus proprietary) LIMS solutions that do not play well together or with other software. This is the reason for the questionnaire on the home page of this website. Thus far few individuals have responded (fewer than a dozen or so), so I consider that an ongoing effort.

The solution to the 'LIMS crisis' for small laboratories for me is to build a single base system that could be built upon, a kind of basic core LIMS that could act as a framework for other systems. It would also have to be able to stand alone and work immediately after download by someone who, at the time of the download, may be very interested in LIMS but may not yet understand the commitment needed to learn the inner workings of one.

In order to keep my documents straight and easy to find I revamped the old LIMSExpert.com website, posted a few links, and placed a phony splash page with a hard-to-guess password on the front page to keep prying eyes away from the rest of the website. Getting busy with other projects left this project a bit on the shelf and I did not notice that something was awry until I recently checked some server logs that indicated that some traffic was coming from search engines. 'That cannot be' I thought, since I didn't include any links on the home page to the rest of the site and it was too hard to guess. A quick check of Google however revealed that one of the underlying pages was indeed linked (it was not too critical to password protect all of the pages...I could have, but hey, it wasn't that important).

So here you are. Due to the lackluster responses to my questionnaire and the somewhat mixed reviews I received from those who read my Business Case I figured that perhaps I would delay making this site publicly available until much later, but since the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, why not start now? Don't forget to link to @limsexpert on Twitter and to watch for updates.

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