Contact Information

For general status and site outage updates please follow the @limsexpert Twitter account. Twitter is useful because it is a highly available, easy-to-use communication system that should be up and running in the event of a server/database outage on our end. If you cannot connect to this server for some reason, check our Twitter account for an outage message.

If you have other questions/comments pertaining to ParadigmLIMS documentation or this weblog please use the following e-mail address:

Articles on LIMSExpert have unique reference identifiers (Ref Id under the title). Please include that in an e-mail if you choose to send a mailing regarding content. There is currently no bugtracker for ParadigmLIMS. A solution will be forthcoming. For now, please just send e-mail with your error.

Article submissions: If you are interested in submitting an article for inclusion in please read our submission guidelines page.

Pattern submission information is not yet ready and will be pubished later this year (2014).